Keep Your Kids Eating Healthy This Spring Break

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Spring Break is just around the corner and for many kids it means a sugar-fest for the whole week. Nutritionist Julie Hammerstein has some great snack packs your kids will love eating,…

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    A treat that satisfies everybody.

    It has no gluten, no nuts, it’s made for vegetarians, it’s organic and it tastes good. The Sun Cup makes it…

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    Fun candy that’s healthy!

    Next Thursday is Halloween and every kid will be eating candy filled with sugar, artificial ingredients and food dyes. Chelsea…

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    Stop Eating the Same Old Vegetables

    If you’re tired of eating the same old vegetables everyday, then our King Soopers Registered Dietitian, Jeannie Schwendtner, has just…

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    Good and Bad Foods for Joint Pain

    Joint pain is not always about your physical activity or age, it can actually worsen or improve based on what…

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    Myths about Diabetes

    If you ask a diabetic what they can and cannot eat, you’re probably going to get a few different answers….

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    Healthier Hot Dogs

    150 million hot dogs will be consumed on July 4th. They’re an American favorite and kids love them, but they’re…

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    A new way to barbecue this 4th of July

    The 4th of July is coming up and that can only mean one thing…. barbecues . Now instead of just…

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    Lose Weight Eating Ice Cream

    At Arctic Zero, we love ice cream. They’ve always loved ice cream. But they hated the fact that everyone who…

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    Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

    King Soopers Registered Dietician, Jeannie Schwendtner, shared some wonderful Super Bowl snack recipes. They’re delicious and no one will know…