Give Your Kids the Gift of Great Vision

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How would you like to correct your kid’s vision while they sleep? Dr. Jeff Ward from Highlands Ranch Optical explains a new therapy that is allowing kids to have great vision during…

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    Get Perfect Vision While you Sleep!

    Wearing glasses can be a major inconvenience especially for children who are active in school and playing sports. Dr. Jeff…

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    Correct Your Kid’s Vision While They Sleep

    We all want our children to get the gift of great vision and not have to worry about wearing glasses…

  • Eyecare eyecare

    Great vision without glasses.

    We all wish that we could give our children great vision without glasses or contacts. Now it is possible with…

  • Eyecare hr optical

    Correct Kids’ Vision While They Sleep

    We are officially back in school, and most kids are in full swing with sports and after school activities. But…

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    Correct Your Kid’s Vision While They Sleep

    Active kids have a hard time with glasses and even contact lenses, so new technology is helping out. Highlands Ranch…

  • Eyecare hr optical

    Get Better Vision While You Sleep

    Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids could play with out having to fuss with glasses or contacts. There is…

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    Perfect Vision ALL day – without contacts, glasses, or surgery!

    Dr. Jeff Ward, Optometrist and Owner of Highlands Ranch Optical is helping so many kids and adults have the freedom…

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    Glasses for fashion and more

    Peepers Optical is a full service optical store that takes care of everything from exams, to prescriptions and even fashion….

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    Improve Your Vision While You Sleep

    Dr. Jeff  Ward, OD, FOAA of Highlands Ranch Optical, offers a new technology called Orthokeratology, which helps reshape your eyes…

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